In an effort to provide young musicians in Croatia with as many professional opportunities as possible, and to introduce them – while still studying, or immediately thereafter – to the complexity and competitiveness of the classical-music scene, the Croatian Music Institute and Croatian Radiotelevision joined forces to launch a comprehensive competition for young musicians. Since the Croatian Music Institute ceased to exist in 2015, the competition has been held under the auspices of UNISON, the Croatian Music Alliance.



The project entitled Boris Papandopulo National Competition for Young Musicians has been envisaged as an annual event with several competition categories, open to Croatian musicians up to 30 years of age (35 years for singers, jazz musicians and chamber ensembles). The competition includes a number of instrumental categories, as well as singing, conducting and composing, and it also serves as a platform which brings together young musicians and prepares them for big international competitions held in Zagreb and sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb:

Vaclav Huml International Violin Competition

Svetislav Stančić International Piano Competition

Lovro von Matačić International Competition for Young Conductors

Antonio Janigro International Cello Competition

Josip Nochta International Saxophone Competition

The cyclical organization of these competitions makes it possible for the Croatian Competition for Young Musicians to harmonize its primary categories with the competitions listed.


Boris Papandopulo is one of the greatest composers in all Croatian music history. He was born at the beginning of the last century, in 1906, in Honnef am Rhein, in Germany. He obtained a degree in conducting in Vienna, and in composition in Zagreb. In the early years of his career he led choirs in Zagreb and Split, and after 1940 he worked as an opera conductor and opera-house director in Zagreb, Rijeka, Sarajevo and Split. He was a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and his oeuvre includes around 440 compositions of various types, ranging from pieces for soloists to compositions for numerous instruments, from chamber music to large vocal and instrumental compositions, operas and ballets. Papandopulo died in Zagreb in 1991, after a rich creative life during which he witnessed many upheavals in 20th-century music, with their specific reflections in Croatia, and after a career marked by continuous and almost incomprehensible artistic intensity which lasted over six decades.



The competition is held in three rounds:


First elimination round

Second elimination round



The number of contestants in the first elimination round is not limited. The maximum number of contestants in the second round is six, selected by the jury, and the maximum number of contestants in the final is three.

All the performances are open to the public. The jury’s decisions are irreversible.

All the contestants receive written acknowledgements of participation in the contest. All the participants in the second elimination round receive diplomas for their participation in the semi-final.

The award winners are obliged to participate in the award ceremony and to perform in the winners’ concert without compensation.

The written acknowledgements, diplomas and awards shall be signed by the president and members of the jury.

30 JUNE 2019!

main20Natjecanje Papandopulo - NASLOV

will be held

from 1 to 5 October 2019

in the following categories:

1. Chamber music
– standard ensembles
– non-standard ensembles (3 to 6 instruments)

2. Jazz musicians
– soloists (instrumental and vocal)
– ensembles

Croatian Music Institute:

Concert Hall,
Gunduliceva 6A


Organized by UNISON –
Croatian Music Alliance.